Three months ago I finished those mlp rigs, and I tried to animate them. The result was bad…

I realized that my models were horrible. So I decided to redo everything from scratch.

This time I embraced the cartoony style of the show and everything is looking much better.

Here’s my first animation test with the new rig:

Cherry Berry- for the 30 Min. Challenge


Because I didn’t really care for everything on this one. Sorry.

1. Your favorite character
2. Your least favorite character
3. Most attractive character
4. Best character to go shopping with
5. Character as a kid
6. Best rivalry
7. Favorite map / game mode
8. Favorite Weapon / item
9. Best…

Saving this for later


I don’t know why nobody has answered this one yet.

There are train tracks on nearly every map, it was the fastest form of transport at the time, and it could provide a private space for all of the mercenaries.

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Damn, I never would have thought of something like this. It does make a lot of sense. One of my thoughts with the backpack theory was that, yes there are no actual backpacks, but instead all their items would be in their spawn rooms/cubbies. I mean, when you go to change a  weapon or loadout, you end up back in the spawn room in order for it to happen, right? But again it’s just a thought of mine.


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I agree with this quote on many levels.

Anonymous sent:
Hey! I'vetaken an interest in your artwork, and I just wanted to ask, are commissions open?

Hi there, I’m glad that you’ve taken a liking to my art. Unfortunately my commissions list is full right now. When there are more slots open I’d be happy to inform about it on my blog.

Whipped these up for me and my boyfriend.

New Steam Icons!

"Calculon Pony"


Calculon in one of my Steam Friend’s Heavy loadout. It’s a little random idea.

((Btw, “Dead” is my other signature I use.)) 


I’m just mostly curious about this, but to my followers and newcomers, what do you want to see more of in my blog?