Anonymous sent:
Hey! I'vetaken an interest in your artwork, and I just wanted to ask, are commissions open?

Hi there, I’m glad that you’ve taken a liking to my art. Unfortunately my commissions list is full right now. When there are more slots open I’d be happy to inform about it on my blog.

Whipped these up for me and my boyfriend.

New Steam Icons!

"Calculon Pony"


Calculon in one of my Steam Friend’s Heavy loadout. It’s a little random idea.

((Btw, “Dead” is my other signature I use.)) 


I’m just mostly curious about this, but to my followers and newcomers, what do you want to see more of in my blog?

Anonymous sent:
Hey can we see some more bat pony Pyro if you have the time/will?

Sure! I’ve been meaning to draw some more TF2 ponies when I have the time.

Summer Anthro Sketches #1


An old picture from last year. It was pretty much complete so I decided to slap on a little background and put it up.




Hey guys, just a signal boost for a pretty cool crowdfunding campaign..

The program Animation Paper’s indiegogo is live!  Animation Paper is an animation program that is streamlined and easy to use, and is meant to imitate animating on real paper using a lightboard.  You got dope sheets and onionskinning and none of the useless extra features.  The layout is intended to be clean and uncluttered.  I’ve been waiting for this campaign to launch for a while, I’m pretty excited!

So, fellow and aspiring animators, throw some dollars at this sweet program, and reblog if you can, so that we can get this cool project to reach its goal!

Please go support by funding this guys! It looks very promising, especially for us animators that hate the hassles of most animation programs that are frustrating to use. This program is also cheap, going for $79 for retail price! But when you fund it and buy it can get it for $59! What a steal!

This is interesting.  The default version everyone is funding is a Mac exclusive.  The Windows version is a $300k stretch goal, which is a little disappointing to tell the truth.  But it seems a Windows version is something they’d like to do regardless of stretch.. Which is why at $20 you are literally paying for an eventual discount on the Windows version when it’s ready.  

The prospect of this is rather exciting, as this program seems fairly easy to get your head around.  As someone who’s been animating in Flash since 2002, I’m extremely sick of a lot of the problems I have with the software.  Flash isn’t being treated by Adobe as an animation package and learning Toon Boom was too time consuming and just giving me a headache.  

I also asked the developer a few questions on Twitter.. Here are the responses:

Soarin’ in the Air

And here is the 2014 picture separately.